Printing technique used with Oxidative Inks and Water based Varnishes, secure an impeccable behavior during the injection or blow molding process.
Conventional high pigment inks include minimum binding agent, keeping thickness of ink layer to a minimum and preventing label’s distortion.
Water and Acrylic lacquers are odorless and therefore suitable for food industry packaging.

Our state of the art pre-press department capable of processing all types of Artwork guarantees that each image will be calibrated in the most favorable way in order to produce optimal printing effects and achieve photo quality.

We use both conventional (AM) and stochastic (FM) screening, for optimum image depiction (150-300)lpi.

Tailor made drying systems for varnish application.

Die cutting machines for cutting IML Labels in either small or large size formats.


Ecopaper prints on various types of film aiming to fulfill end-users needs.
Orange peel, glossy or high gloss with UV lacquer or even transparent with see through effect. For large pails (>5kg) special film types are being used, easing the use of IML labels from the robots when placing labels into the mold.

All film types have full approval for use in Food Industry

Inks & Varnishes

Inks and Varnishes used to print IML Labels have REACH confirmation based on the latest candidate list of ECHA.
Migration tests on Inks used have been analyzed using standardized migration type C cells and comply with EC 1935/2004 and EU 10/2011 regulations.
For more technical clarifications please contact our R&D Department.


ISO 9001:2008 certified vertically integration production with up to date equipments guarantee highest quality of our services and products.

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