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Every day we print millions of labels
which will decorate plastic packaging for the food,
drink and paint industry.

Social Media Privacy Notification

Privacy Notification for the processing of personal data on the social networking platform Facebook

This text constitutes part of the privacy policy of "ECOPAPER PRINTING S.A." as the personal data controller. In this text, you will find information on how the processing of personal data is carried out on this page.


Facebook: The page https://www.facebook.com/people/Ecopaper/100081559283831/ was created by "ECOPAPER PRINTING S.A." (from now on, referred to as the controller).
For any issue related to personal data protection, please get in touch with us at info@ecopaper.gr email address. 
For the present processing (i.e., on the specific page of this social network), we inform you that we are joint controllers with the company Meta Platforms Inc., which operates this social network.

Purpose of processing

 "ECOPAPER PRINTING S.A." processes personal data through this page to:

  • inform you about its activities,
  • provide you with an additional means of communication.
Page Content

The content we post on this page consists mainly of posting posts about our activities, photos, and videos. When the content of the posts includes personal data, we ensure that it is lawfully processed. If you believe that the posted content violates your or third parties' rights, please contact us directly.

Legal basis for processing 

The legal basis for the processing carried out on this page is your consent. With actions such as "like" and "follow," you declare your consent to the processing of our posts concerning the username and possibly the photo you may publish in your profile. By doing so, you declare simultaneously that you accept the terms of this notification. The withdrawal of your consent is done in the same but reverse way (unlike/unfollow). 
If you browse our page without taking such actions, we declare that we do not process your data. However, as discussed below, we caution that the same does not apply to Meta Platforms Inc.

What data do we collect through the page?

Through the page above, we collect and process personal data, such as your name, profile picture, and any comments or messages. 
In addition, this page allows us to collect anonymized/statistical data about visits to it.
However, Meta Platforms Inc. probably carries out other processing operations by collecting your other data (I.P., visit history, etc.), the scope and extent of which we do not control and cannot influence. Please consult the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy set out below.

How personal data is collected/processed?

The collection and general processing (retention, etc.) of personal data on this page is done only if you act ‘like’ or ‘follow’.
However, we inform you that Meta Platforms Inc. may collect/process other of your data in different ways, the scope and extent of which we have no control over and cannot influence. Please consult the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy set out below.

Place - retention time

Your data is stored by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of Meta Platforms Inc., which operates this social network.
We retain your data solely for the time necessary for the above processing purposes. In any case, we review the personal data we have processed every three years and delete them on a case-by-case basis.


You can submit comments to our relevant posts. However, we encourage you to avoid taking advantage of this possibility by notifying us or publishing third-party data. If we become aware of such actions or comments containing illegal, immoral content that offends or endangers "ECOPAPER PRINTING S.A.," we will delete them without warning.  Σε περίπτωση που αντιληφθούμε τέτοια ενέργεια ή σχολιασμό που περιέχει περιεχόμενο παράνομο, ανήθικο, που προσβάλλει ή θέτει σε κίνδυνο την «ECOPAPER PRINTING A.E.» θα προβούμε στη διαγραφή τους χωρίς καμία προειδοποίηση.


You have the right to access, rectify, and withdraw consent without prejudice to the lawfulness of the previous processing, deletion, restriction of processing, and portability of your data. In addition, if you consider that this processing violates the relevant data protection legislation, you have the right to complain to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.

Clarification: the exercise of the above rights may technically be limited due to the choices and terms of use of Meta Platforms Inc.


The company's staff that manages the page is covered by an explicit obligation of confidentiality and specific security measures while managing the account on the page.
However, we inform you that we do not know how the company Meta Platforms Inc., which generally owns this social network, manages the terms and the way it safeguards the personal data processed within this page. Please consult the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy below for more information.


We want to inform you that personal data posted on the official Facebook page is transferred to the USA or other countries outside your residence. Following the repeal by the Court of Justice of the European Union Schrems II of the EU-US Privacy Shield for transatlantic data transfers ("Privacy Shield"), Meta Platforms Ireland Limited is certified with the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework (https://www.dataprivacyframework.gov). For more information, consult: 

Notice – Disclaimer

Before you consent or take any action on this page, consult the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of this social network, as set out above. If, by your actions, you upload photos of yourself or third parties or additional personal data to our page on the above medium, you are responsible for this processing. Due to the ease of sharing photos and other personal data on social media, we recommend that you use them to assess the potential risks arising from their disclosure. We reiterate that we cannot influence the above terms of use and the data protection policy of Meta Platforms Inc., nor how it handles the processing of personal data as a whole.
In any case, we declare that we do not know and are not responsible for whether this social network further processes personal data, whether it collects additional categories of data (visit history, I.P., etc.), whether it pursues additional processing purposes, whether it uses processors and sub-processors, whether it profiles, whether it complies with the published protection policies and the way it carries out the overall processing of personal data. For this reason, we present to you the Terms of Use and Data Policy of this social media https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms and https://www.facebook.com/privacy/explanation , We invite you to consult them before any action, and we inform you that considering the above, we make very reasonable use of them, understanding the potential risks. 

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