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Every day we print millions of labels
which will decorate plastic packaging for the food,
drink and paint industry.

Environmental Policy

In order to properly implement the Environmental Policy, but also to optimize its environmental performance, ECOPAPER's Management is committed to:

  • Promote the continuous monitoring of environmental legislation both nationally and internationally, immediate compliance with the legislation and cooperation with the relevant bodies to resolve issues that arise.
  • Aim to prevent accidents or pollution incidents in order to minimize environmental risks.
  • Continuously improve the environmental performance of its production process and the life cycle of its products.
  • Procure and use environmentally friendly raw materials.
  • Directing waste and by-products from its production process to appropriate management.
  • It informs its direct stakeholders (e.g. subcontractors, customers, staff) about environmental issues.
  • The company's most significant contribution to wider environmental protection comes from the use of its products, which improve the environmental performance of its customers. Furthermore, part of the company's products result from the use of materials produced from recycled materials.

The objectives of both policies are:

  • the full satisfaction of customer requirements,
  • the continuous improvement of customer service,
  • the supply of the best quality electromechanical equipment,
  • the functionality and safety of the products,
  • protection of the environment,
  • compliance with applicable legislation,
  • the communication and dissemination of information to the entire workforce on instructions and training to enable them to work in a safe manner and with respect for the environment,
  • communicating management's commitment to stakeholders and its staff to implement the current Management System,
  • the allocation of resources to logistical equipment, expertise and staff training,
  • meeting the needs and requirements of relevant customers and stakeholders

Commitment to the above Policies by both the Management and all human resources ensures that the Company's operation fully meets the prescribed requirements and guarantees consistency in meeting the expectations of its customers and other stakeholders.

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