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Every day we print millions of labels
which will decorate plastic packaging for the food,
drink and paint industry.


The Company


Our mission is to deliver technically high graded IML labels which during the injection or blow molding process will ''fuse'' with packaging in one inseparable bond.


Ecopaper was established in 1995 as a printer on paper and on plastic aiming to get established as an IML Labels producer.

In 1999 Ecopaper abandoned all other printings, concentrating solely in the production of IML Labels.

Aspropirgos’ factory begun operation in 2006 and targeted not only the Greek but also the ever increasing demands of the European and International markets.

Quality Policy
Environmental Policy


We can offer CMYK & 2 SPOT colour printing plus water based coating, employing either AM or FM screening upon request.

A colourproof of the artwork is absolutely necessary indicating clearly the chosen inks and colours, regardless the way of digital file delivery.

Your files can be send via internet digital to our FTP server.

Ecopaper is a Printhouse – not a design studio – therefore no label design should be expected.

Artwork Guidelines


Prepress Specifications

Info for Spekta 2
Screening Technology

Handling the labels

Technical Instructions
to set up an artwork



Printing technique used with Oxidative Inks and Water based Varnishes, secure an impeccable behavior during the injection or blow molding process. Conventional high pigment inks include minimum binding agent, keeping thickness of ink layer to a minimum and preventing label’s distortion. Water and Acrylic lacquers are odorless and therefore suitable for food industry packaging.

Our state of the art pre-press department capable of processing all types of Artwork guarantees that each image will be calibrated in the most favorable way in order to produce optimal printing effects and achieve photo quality.

We use both conventional (AM) and stochastic (FM) screening, for optimum image depiction (150-300)lpi.

Tailor made drying systems for varnish application.

Die cutting machines for cutting IML Labels in either small or large size formats.

Inks & Varnishes

Inks and Varnishes used to print IML Labels have REACH confirmation based on the latest candidate list of ECHA. Migration tests on Inks used have been analyzed using standardized migration type C cells and comply with EC 1935/2004 and EU 10/2011 regulations. For more technical clarifications please contact our R&D Department.


Only selected inks produced in the European Community are used for the production of our IML. All this products used in the printing process are manufactured in accordance with the EuPIA "Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) - Printing Inks for Food Contact Materials", and manufactured in location certified in accordance with ISO 9001. Our IML compliant with the Swiss Ordinance on Materials and Articles In Contact with Food (SR 817.023.21) and allow compliance of the final product with Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004.

Light resistance

The use of special inks formulated with selected pigments gives the finished product the highest possible resistance to ultraviolet rays, increasing the life of the container and ensuring the best possible consistency over time.

Special effect

We can provide the widest range of graphic effects to our IML labels. The use of process inks with high color concentration, opaque effect whites and spot colors enables us to meet a wide range of graphic requirements. Intense reflex blues, striking purples, an extended color range from warm to cool shades and eye-catching metallic colors give our IML labels an eye-catching effect that attracts the attention of the end consumer.


Ecopaper prints on various types of film aiming to fulfill end-users needs. Orange peel, glossy or high gloss with UV lacquer or even transparent with see through effect. For large pails (>5kg) special film types are being used, easing the use of IML labels from the robots when placing labels into the mold.



We suggest all artworks are printed separately to assure color accuracy. Should you choose mixed printing of your artworks color deviation from approved proof may occur.


ISO 9001/2015 & ISO 14001/2015 certified vertically integration production with up to date equipments guarantee highest quality of our services and products.

ISO Certified

ISO 9001:2015 certified vertically integration production with up to date equipments guarantee highest quality of our services and products.


news 08 August 2022

European label associations call for resolution to dispute at UPM paper mills

Finat, the pan-European association for the self-adhesive and narrow web industry, and the nine national label associations active in 15 countries across Europe, have issued a statement jointly expressing their concern about the impact of the announced continuation of the dispute between the UPM paper mills and Paperiliitto, the Finnish paper workers union, by another three weeks till 12 March 2022:

If the shortage of paper grades for label release liners and papers for label facestocks continues as planned, through a ‘chain reaction’, there will be far reaching repercussions for: 

  • the continuity of manufacture of labels and narrow web packaging; 
  • the supply of self-adhesive labels to FMCG customers, especially the food and pharmaceutical sectors; 
  • the distribution of labeled goods to stores and consumers, and, ultimately, 
  • the well-being of 500 million consumers at large in Europe. 

In Europe, currently some 8 billion square meters of self-adhesive label materials are being used annually. This corresponds to around 240 billion labels used in a variety of sectors like food and beverage, health and personal care, medication, household and industrial chemicals, transport and logistics, retail, consumer electronics, automotive products etc. 

Labels are all around us. Their unique combination as enabler of ‘product decoration’ (branding, consumer information), as identifiers of variable information (unique article numbers, barcodes, RFID codes, best before dates, price tagging, passenger tagging) and as performers of specific functions (closures, temperature indicators, anti-counterfeiting devices), have earned them the reputation as essential component of the critical infrastructure of the European economies, as we have seen during the Covid crisis in 2020 and 2021. 

The strike that is now lasting over a month has already caused severe delays in the supply chain, with delivery times now exceeding three months. If continued even beyond 19 February as announced last Friday, it could lead to a pan-European standstill of supply chains within weeks, causing severe damage to the European economic recovery and adding to the present inflationary tendencies. 

Finat and the national label associations are of the opinion that this strike is not proportionate to the lasting damage that may be created if it is continued any further. We urge all stakeholders (employer, unions and authorities alike), to take the European macro-economic implications of this dispute into consideration, and to assess their social responsibility to the wider European community in resolving this dispute. 

The label and narrow web packaging industry encompasses a sophisticated network of some 3,000 specialised providers of labels and labelling products, with a total workforce of nearly 100,000 employees in Europe. Finat and the nine dedicated national label associations together represent over 1,000 label companies, and in volume terms their joint membership covers over 75 percent of the total market volume in Europe. 

The Hague, The Netherlands – 8 February 2022 

Associations co-signing this statement:

FINAT – The European association for the self-adhesive and narrow-web packaging industry

AIFEC – The Spanish and Portuguese association for manufacturers of roll labels www.aifec.eu 

BPIF Labels – Labels special interest group of the British Printing Industries Federation

DLA – The Danish trade association for producers of labels and suppliers to the industry

ELSET – Greek association of label producers 

ESD – Turkish association of label producers 

GIPEA – The Italian association of Italian manufacturers of self-adhesive labels (a division of Assografici)

Grafiska Företagen – The Swedish Graphic Industries Federation 

UNFEA – The French national association of manufacturers of self-adhesive labels 

VsKE – The German association for manufacturers of self-adhesive label and narrow web converters (covering the DACH countries)

news March 2022

Labelexpo Europe postponed to 2023

Labelexpo Europe 2022 has been rescheduled, with the event now taking place 11-14 September 2023, the event's organizer Tarsus Group has announced.

The organizing team said it made the decision to move the event dates in light of the significant supply chain pressures the European label industry is currently experiencing, coupled with the fast-evolving situation in Ukraine.

'The decision comes on the back of close consultation with exhibitors, associations and the wider industry, with many directly impacted by the shortage of components and materials,' the company said in a statement. 'These shortages, triggered by the pandemic, have been escalating over recent months with long lead times now disrupting the supply chain in Europe. With the event set to take place in just under two months’ time the lack of forward visibility led the event team to reschedule in the best interests of the label industry.'

Lisa Milburn, Labelexpo managing director, explained: ‘Firstly, I’d like to acknowledge the support we have had from the industry with many committing to Labelexpo Europe in spite of the issues many of them are currently dealing with, we know the decision to reschedule the show will be as disappointing for them as it is for us. This has been a very difficult decision for us to make, we have been working tirelessly to overcome the supply chain issues and produce the show the industry needs, especially in light of the challenges of the past two years. Unfortunately these issues have proven to be insurmountable at this stage so we feel that rescheduling is the responsible decision to make.’ 

Jules Lejeune, managing director of Finat, commented: ‘Finat fully understands and supports the decision that has been taken. Given the existing shortages of chips and components, the current shortages of paper and other consumables to produce labels, and now the major geopolitical uncertainties caused by the situation in Ukraine, there are simply too many hurdles to overcome. Finat remains a proud supporter of the world’s leading trade exhibition for the label and package printing industry. We admire our longstanding partner Labelexpo for taking this extremely difficult decision, and for putting the interests of the industry first.’

Given the rescheduling of Labelexpo Europe, the next major global event for the package printing industry will be Labelexpo Americas which will take place at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Chicago, 13-15 September 2022. 

Other upcoming Labelexpo events this year include Labelexpo Asia (28 June-1 July), Labelexpo India (10-13 November) and Labelexpo South China (7-9 December).


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